How to IMPORT an email from Apple Mail to DT Database?

I want to put emails that I have received in Apple Mail into my database. These emails are long User Support Group List daily summaries. Is there an easier way than cut and paste? :confused: Thanks.

I am using DT Pro v 1.5.4.

You could use the scripts to import messages/mailboxes (see Script menu extra). Or you could use DEVONthink Pro Office :wink:

Thank you, but I can not find anything under the scripts menu regarding “import messages/mailboxes.”

The fly-out menu under scripts named “Import” lists several items from “Astronomy Picture of the Day” at the top (very interesting) to “Second Life Chatlogs” at the bottom. Am I missing something here? Thanks. :confused:

With Mail the frontmost application, look in the global Scripts menu.

Thanks Bill, I FOUND IT. When I select “Add Message to DT” it drops the email into my database. Is there a way to have the email imported into a specific GROUP of my database? Right now it drops it into the general database listing, or is that too much to ask of DT

Sorry, but I am rather new at using DevonTHINK Pro. :blush:

Only by customizing the script.

I found this thread looking for help importing a message from Apple Mail into DevonthinkProOffice. What I find is different from what is described above and includes a way to have the email put into any group, as the person inquiring wished to do.

With Mail as the frontmost app, I look under the Scripts menu icon in the menu bar and see a folder “DevonthinkPro” at bottom, containing 4 choices:

Copy selection to Current Group
Copy selection to Incoming
Copy selection to … (leads to dialog box displaying groups in Devonthink)
Link to current document

If I look under the Scripts menu icon in Safari, I see a completely different display, with both the “DevonthinkPro” folder containing the same four chpices, and also below that a number of safari scripts particular to Devonthink, including “Add page to D…” and “Add selection to D…” None of these give me a choice of where to put the material from Safari. BUT I can still use the 4 scripts in the Devonthink folder, as described above, including one that lets me chose in which group the selection will go.

When you install the Mail plugin (a necessity since Mail’s AppleScript implementation is buggy), you will find two “Add to DEVONthink” commands under the Message and Mailbox menus. These will import the data into the (global/current database) Inbox.

If you want to control exactly where the mail has to go you can drag single messages from Mail directly to the group, or use the in-application Mail Import window (under File > Import > Email…), this will drop its selection into the current group.


I guess I have installed the Mail plug-in because I do see the menu choices you mention in Mail, one each under Message and Mailbox.

However,when using Mail I also still see in the Scripts (icon on menubar) the folder of 4 Devonthink scripts I named above, which give me the option of choosing the location where the message is to be saved.

Is this lost in Devonthink 2? Is that why the person originating the thread did not have these options?

These scripts may be a remnant from an older (pre-2) version of DT Pro 1.

Yes, I guess I did not make it clear that I am still using V. 1.5.4 of DevonthinkPro.

Too bad these abilities were lost in v. 2 (as per a reply from Christian Grunenberg, above).