How to import Apple Notes without importing duplicates

I recently moved 1800 Apple Notes into DTP. More recently I inadvertently placed a few more entries into Apple Notes. How can I now just enter non-duplicate notes into DTP?


There is no automatic linkage between Apple Notes and DEVONthink, that I know of. And I doubt Apple provides an API to have that even considered by the DEVONthink developers.

As you say there are a “few more entries”, hopefully you know which they are and then do it manually.

As @rmschne noted, there is no connection between Apple Notes and DEVONthink so subsequents imports will create duplicates. Apple has also not provided an easy nor efficient way to share native Apple Notes with other applications.

Are you using attachments in the notes or just typing into them?

Almost always just typing into them.
I was thinking of using the Menu item to reimport Notes again, then using a rule to delete duplicates.
Would that work?
If so, could you show me how to set that up?

Barry T (DTP novice)

There is a built in Filter Duplicates global smart rule that can remove duplicates automatically. Check the Smart Rules section of the Navigate sidebar.