How to import Feedly OPML file?

Hi all,

does anybody know how to import the OPML file from feedly? Whatever I try, nothing happens: the file is just imported as a text file into DevonTHINK…


What’s the extension of the file? And which version/edition of DEVONthink do you use?

Thank you for replying. The file is an opml file from Feedly. It seems that those exports have a systematic issue.

I tried importing it into a RSS reader, exporting it again to an opml file and then importing into DevonTHINK. It worked like it should.

It seems that Feedly’s export is the issue, even though I don’t know what exactly.

What I also noticed is that the initial file is a XML file (extension is *.ompl.xml) and as such recognised by the Mac. It does not help if one renames that file from *.opml.xml to *.opml because the system still sees it as a XML.

What I also tried was to import the feedly export by copy/pasting the content into a plain text file and then saving it as *.opml. That worked also.

Go figure…

After changing the extension to .opml it should be possible to import it to DEVONthink.

When? After exporting from feedly?

As mentioned, that doesn’t work and I don’t seem to be the only one who has that problem. If I’m not mistaken, you helped out a guy by importing/exporting with your RSS reader. Only then was he able to import it.

Since I noticed that DevonTHINK has an issue with the Feedly export only, I presume the problem is with Feedly. Still, this should be maybe mentioned on DevonTHINK’s blog with the simple workaround? Might help others avoid spending hours to make it work… :wink:

Actually I use only DEVONthink for RSS reading :slight_smile: A copy of the exported file would be useful.

I’ve just tried this, as follows:

  • Created new DT database (just to avoid issues
  • Went to in Safari (Mac) - exported feed. It exported as .opml
  • in DT3 did File, Import and chose the Feedly .opml file (no name changes etc

I ended up with the attached:

And then I can do File, Refresh Feeds and it all works.

This obviously doesn’t match your experience, so could you say what you’re doing differently (if anything)?

Wow, that is crazy!! Exactly the same approach. Let me try again…

Ok, so just followed the same steps. Same problem.

  • Safari Mac
  • New DevonTHINK DB
  • I have a pro subscription that I just downgraded. Effective end of this year.
  • I go to “Organize Sources”, then I click on the export arrow.
  • Safari downloads export *.opml.xml
  • I rename to *.opml
  • Import to DevonTHINK
  • It imports the opml file instead of the RSS feeds.

This is flabbergasting. Luckily another user had this same issue, otherwise I would think I was getting crazy!

Can’t explain why your and my identical export gives two different results…!?

Here is what I get straight out of feedly…

That’s the issue, I think. My export had the .opml extension (no .xml). Juts for completeness, I’m on the Feedly free tier - never went pro. That shouldn’t make a difference.

Do you have a Safari extension that might be doing something with the download?

You could try using a different browser (Chrome or Firefox) - maybe that will give you a usable download

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Actually I use “Readkit” as RSS reader. But I wanted to try DT now.

Since my source also comes from Feedly, I was curious whether it would work for me.

Then it became clear to me quite fast that it is connected with the registration with Feedly that it does not work DT. Because you need the login data for Feedly itself, because the link wants to access the database in Feedly itself.

Within DT you need a connection to the Feedly account.

If I import a normal RSS feed - directly and not via Feedly - it works wonderfully in DT.

Translated with

This is not the way I used my Feedly account with DT.

  • I exported my Feedly data as OPML
  • Imported the OPML into DT3
  • From now on, DT uses the feed address (the RSS address), not the Feedly account. Once the import is complete, Feedly is not involved in the reading process.
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This is what my workflow looks like. What do you do differently?

Where you do Data, Import Feed, I do File, Import, Files and Folders and choose the Feedly opml

Now I got it. It depends on how you import. I had always tried it like on the screenshot, that was wrong. Correct is, as you say, the import via the „File“.16

Now it works fine.


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I have followed this thread and tried everything (export from Chrome, Safari) and still I cannot import my feedly OPML
Can someone help ? SHould I try an export from firefox ?
I imported using the “file” menu
NO way

What’s the extension of the exported file? And which version of DEVONthink do you use and how did you try to import it?

Dear cgrunenberg,
today is DTP day. SO I resume this discussion too.
I have followed the steps above: File, Import, Files and Folders and choose the Feedly file
the feedly file is .xml
It appears in DTP inbox
Now what should I do ?
Many thanks as always for your courtesy and help

Does it work after changing the extension to .opml and reimporting the file?