How to import .mht files

.mht files, it appears, are single file web archives created by Windows Internet Explorer.

Is there any way to import these into DT so that they are searchable?

The only program I’ve found so far that understands these .htm files is MS Word.

Note that these files appear to be very different from HTML files.

OOPS! It appears that right clicking and choosing Convert does the trick. Very pleasantly surprised…will need to test some more to see if the results look ok.

You should be able to import them like any other files, e.g. via drag & drop or via File > Import > Files & Folders. Are you able to view them e.g. with Safari?

Thank you for the quick reply!

Safari does not understand them…

but I just updated my question. It appears that DT is able natively to convert these odd files to various other formats them by simply right clicking and choosing Convert.

And is DEVONthink able to preview them? Because in that case Safari should support this too, otherwise I wonder whether the conversion is successful.

DEVONthink is not able to preview them.

And the conversion was successful?

In many cases, conversion to pdf produced a searchable pdf that’s visually faithful (more or less) to the original.

In some cases, the result is a bit jumbled. In those cases, MS Word didn’t do any better.

When I tried to convert to HTML or web archive, nothing happened, as far as I can tell.

Is it an .htm or .mht file you referring to?

Is it an .htm or .mht file you referring to?

It’s an .mht. Thank you for the correction. (I think it’s also called MHTML so there are letters aplenty in there).

Thanks for the clarification.

Google Chrome?..