How to improve AI (See also & Classify)

I was thinking how i can improve See also & Classify and i found an older thread for that topic…

Is that still valid? Or was that expanded?

Could i improve the results by e.g. putting some certain information at the beginning of a document or in the name of the object?

Does anyone have experiences on that?


Yes, it’s still valid advice even today.

See Also will consider tags and custom metadata on files as well, but names are still not considered.

It’s cool, that custom metadata is considered.

Does that mean, i could put a bunch of information into one custom metadata field and every single information will be considered in the same way.

Does the order of the metadata fields influence the analysis?

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@cgrunenberg would have to weigh in on the more technical aspects of that.

All custom metadata has the same priority, e.g. the order doesn’t matter.