How to include underscore in search?

Sadly, all my text files are peppered with in-text tags that all begin with an underscore. They are always in the format “_TAG: asdf” or “_TODO: asdf” or simply “_TODO”.

How can I include the underscore in my searches? There used to be a Phrase operator for literals. How about regular expressions? I’ve tried single and double quotes, and backslash. None have worked.

You should be able to find these by simply not adding the underscore to the search as the underscore character is not indexed.

Hello and thanks. When I do that, anything containing TAG comes up. I want to filter out all TAG-containing strings except for _TAG. DTP does not recognize the underscore and include it as part of the search.

Unfortunately, that is not possible. The underscore character is not indexed by the full-text indexed and can so not be used for search we’re afraid.