How to insert a row to a table in editing mode?

Sorry, this may seem to be a question about TextEdit as DEVONthink simply use codes from Mac OS X frameworks. Unfortunately, I cannot google out any useful information about how to insert a row to a table in TextEdit/DEVONthink. Anyone knows?

Thanks in advance,


Place your insertion point in the table. Go to Format>Table. You will get a little info panel about the table, with spinner boxes (?) for the number of rows and columns. If you adjust those, your number of rows and columns will be changed when you get back to the table.

I have tried this, but it seems that this operation always APPENDs a row/column in the table, instead of INSERTing between two existing rows/columns. Maybe for advanced table operations, I should use Page or something else; or maybe I did something wrong.

Thank you anyway for your suggestion. DEVONthink is great!