How to install and play with DT3 alongside DT2?

Wanna give DT3 a try! :slight_smile: I have a few questions:

  1. Can I install it in a subfolder of /Applications or has it to be directly under /Applications?

  2. I can open my DT2 databases, right? But does it write things in a DT2 compatible format?

  3. I might play with copies of my DT2 databases first, but I guess I have to be careful with external (i.e. indexed folders)…

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The advice from DT is to use DT3 in a completely separate setup.

But -I f you want to run them alongside:

  • It installs as Devonthink 3, so doesn’t overwrite DT2; it creates its own Application Support in ~/Library so no overlap there
  • You can open DT2 databases, but if you make DT3-only changes (e.g. custom metadata) you might get issues in DT2. You should use copies of the DT2 databases (what I do
  • Indexing folders is now 2-way - changes in DT3 get written back to the Finder
  • Your global inbox database won’t migrate - you need to copy it across into DT3

Thanks @ThatGuy! Very valuable info!

What does it mean to use DT3 in a completely separate setup? So just using separate database is not enough?

Also, wanted to confirm, can I install DT3 in a subfolder of /Applications (say /Applications/Knowledge) or has it to be directly under /Applications?

A separate user account would be ideal and to install the application in this account only (e.g. by creating a folder “Applications” in its home directory).

Sorry for. not being clear.

As @cgrunenberg says below, ideally you would. create a new user account on the Mac and install DT3 to there. You’d copy across your current databases and work on DT3 in that account. That gives you the absolute guarantee that you can’t damage your DT2 setup - but it means that any adds or changes you make in DT3 will not be reflected in DT2.

My own approach was to install DT3 in the same user account as DT2 and make copies of my DT2 databases for use with DT3. Assuming I stay with DT3 (which I will because it works and I. like the improvements) I’m ready to go.

A couple off things to be aware of:

  • If you want your DT2 global inbox to be available in DT3, you need to do some extra work. That database is kept in your user Library, not with your other databases. You can either copy it in the Finder or (easier and safer in my opinion) do as follows: create a new DT2 database called (say Inboxcopy); copy the contents of global inbox into that; then open Inboxcopy in DT3 and move the content where you want it to go.
  • If. you use the Finder integration to put the Inbox in the Finder sidebar, instilling DT3 will give you a second Inbox in the sidebar - just so you know

On the question of whether you can install DT3 in a subfolder of Applications - I don’t think there’s anything preventing you from doing it, but there’s no obvious benefit. The DT application has a different name so you can see which one you’re starting.

One more thing - instilling DT3 will overwrite the Mail plug-ins with DT3 ones - you won’t be able to use the plug-ins with both versions at one time

On the question of whether you can install DT3 in a subfolder of Applications

Yes, this is possible but as mentioned, putting it in a User/Applications folder on a separate macOS account is suggested.

Thanks for all the comments! Will start playing now! :smile: