How to link to specific text in a DT file

I’ve been perusing the Help file, but can’t seem to find this topic.

I want to link to a specific part in a text document (e.g., a definition that I’ve written above or in a different document). How to do I set the target text as a target (or anchor?). This way I can link to this definition from various points in my file. Let me know if I need to clarify here; I might be misusing jargon.

Sorry, but that’s not currently possible. The target can only be an entire document.

I found this old entry indicating that it is not possible to create links to a specific text in a DT file.

I use DEVONthink Pro and would like to know whether this limitation has now been addressed.


(deleted; irrelevant)

This facility would be an excellent addition to DEVONthink IMHO, and I can think of many instances in my workflow that I would use it. So if it is “in the melting pot” for a forthcoming update, please add my vote. :slight_smile:

Not a built-in feature yet.

A workable (IMO) solution is here:

If I wish to be able to jump to a specific location in a text, HTML, WebArchive, Pages or other document that doesn’t have the Page Link feature of PDFs, I’ll select from that location a cue string—a reasonably unique text string—and copy paste it into my notes.

Example: I copied this string, “panelist Charles Margulis, a Greenpeace activist, made accusations about biotech companies, but offered no scientific basis for them” from an article by J. Winston Porter.

If I want to quickly find that article and scroll to the position of the copied text string, I can select the copied string (including the quotation marks) and paste it into a DEVONthink search (full Search window). Instantly, that article is found as the only result within a database with some 30,000 documents, and the string is highlighted.

Comment: I know Porter, and have a high opinion of his competence and his dedication to protection of the environment and human health. I won’t state my opinion of Charles Margulis’ competence and honesty.