How to list contents of groups in parent groups

I’m a bit new to DevonThink, so I’m not sure I’m using things correctly.

Often i want to group several documents into a group. For example, when I buy something, the product description, the confirmation e-mail and the receipt.

If I drop the documents into a folder, then select them all, and group them, then a new group with all these documents is created. Good. I can give it a nice name like “webcam purchase”

My problem is that now, when I open the original folder where these documents were, I don’t see any entry that refers to them. I do see the folder in the folder view on the left, but I don’t see anything listed in the list view. This is a bit confusing, because suddenly the files disappeared. It is also not so easy to browser for things.

[]Is it possible to have folders also displayed in the list view?[/]
[]Is it possible to have all files contained in a folder displayed in the list view, i.e. also files in subdirectories?[/]
[]is there a better way to accomplish the same? I currently use an rtf document to contain all the files. But this isn’t as nice or elegant…[/]

  1. When you imported a folder that contains related items, or placed some related items into a group, those items will stay where they were placed, unless you subsequently move them.

But when you selected the contents of a group and invoked the ‘Group’ command, you created one or more new groups and the items were moved from their original location. Comment: if the items are already related, there was no need to apply the Group command to them.

  1. If you switch to the Split view you will be able to see the hierarchy of groups and documents.

Oh! Very useful!

After playing around, it seems that the panes in split view behave very differently from those of 3pane view. The folder browser pane on the left also displays documents, whereas in 3pane view, only folders. That is what I wanted.
It would have been nice to be to have the left pane in split view display a list instead of icons - I like to see date created, but for now this works! :slight_smile:

Interesting: when I do a search in split view, I get something like a 3pane view, with a list at the top, but the two panes from split view at the bottom, and there I can see date added.