How to load more of an RSS feed?

I would love to be able to tell DevonThink to suck down the entire history of an RSS feed, rather than just x number when first added and all subsequent thereafter. Is there any easy way to do this?

No. Almost all feeds contain only the last n items. Some feeds are customizable though, meaning that the number can be specified up to a certain limit (usually 50-100) by modifying the URL but that depends on the site/the feed creator.

This doesn’t help me at all. I am trying to understand how DT handles RSS feeds, and your response is confusing.

I’ve used several different readers over the past five years, and they all suck down a huge number of articles. I use Reeder on my iPad right now. It will pull 100s of articles from each feed, no problem; this did not require any hacking or tweaking.

I’m searching in vain for how to figure out how to get DT to open the floodgates and give me all my articles. So far I’ve hit a brick wall in the 2.5 DT Office Pro manual, the forums, and Internet articles.

I don’t understand how standalone readers like Reeder that hook into my Google RSS subscriptions have no limit whatsoever, whereas DT gives me a measly 25 Lifehacker articles, when I know I have 578 unread Lifehacker articles in that RSS feed.

Maybe it´s due to the fact that DTPO do not support the latest RSS protocols? Anyway, DTPO is not a RSS app as the other apps you mention.

@rSandy - Reeder on iPad has the number of unread posts to download set in Settings. For example, you can tell it to download one day’s worth of unread items. The RSS readers that I use all have a setting to indicate how much to download.