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Can you please show me were one goes to enter comments in the box circled in the attachment?

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by korm on Thu Sep 30, 2010 7:40 pm

“Comment” and “Spotlight Comment” are not the same, despite the similar name. Many, but not all, document editors use “Comment”. For example, if you use Aperture or Lightroom to edit image metadata you might make a change to the “Comment”. Or in Microsoft Word. Etc. These document editors usually know nothing about “Spotlight Comments”. Unlike DT, which does.

In DT, to edit “Comments” or other metadata you open Tools > Show Properties. You can also show “Comments” by adding that column to a view. (If you are adding columns to a view and right click on the column header bar, you will see “Comment” – and a number of other metadata fields accessible via Show Properties – in the section of the dropdown list underneath the second horizontal rule on that list.)

“Spotlight Comment” is the field you see in Finder when you look at the top portion of Info for a file. In DT you can change the Spotlight Comment in the DT Info panel or in the Spotlight Comment column of a view.

Spotlight itself distinguishes between “Spotlight Comment” and “Comment”, using the same terms. It is confusing, but sort of a legacy artifact of how file types developed over time – which is also why DT didn’t deviate from common practice and give “Comment” a different name.
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