How to make the "TAKE NOTE" window larger -- and free-floating?

Using Devonthink Pro 3.6.1, Catilina. – How on earth do I enlarge the Take Note window? On my large monitor it shows up as a window 10 cm x 9 cm. It is stuck either to the position chosen at the edge of the screen, or to the menu bar, if one chooses that option. I can’t drag the corners to make it bigger. It’s really hard to take extensive notes from something one is reading on screen in this tiny format. How do I make the window bigger? And how can I make it free-floating, so that I can move it to somewhere convenient while I take notes??? I like the ease of summoning the notes from the menu bar, but as it stands the Take Note window is useless! (I prefer rich text format, can live with others if I must.) Help???

I suggest to try Curiota (MAS, free) for rich note taking. It sits in the menu bar too and can be used even when DEVONthink is not running.

It doesn’t lock its notes in any kind of database but saves them in a Finder folder (structure) in a location of your choice. Have DEVONthink index that folder and move all notes into your database(s).

PS: To make the Sorter window free floating go to Preferences: Sorter/Appearance: None. Then you can activate it by keyboard shortcut only.

Thank you! Managed to make the window the free floating. but of course can’t make it bigger. Will try curiota. am also interested in other suggestions. I work a lot with Scrivener, so anything that works well with both applications for note-taking will be welcome.

Alternatively, what I do is this. Create an RTF note in the databases. Open that note (data menu or cmd-O or right-click option).

This opens that note in a new window which you can then move or resize as wanted. This gives me all the space I need to make notes on anything I’m viewing including in the main DTP window of course.

If you have plenty of screen space, you can have multiple notes open.

Welcome @latinhypercube
That is indeed a good approach. :slight_smile:

Yes. Agreed. Thanks for making the suggestion! – I sometimes do this already. This method works great when one has planned to take notes on something. But what this method loses is spontaneity, the catching of a thought or idea that just flits by, That’s where a keystroke, or a menu-bar icon is so useful. If I first have to o pen the app, open the note, move it to the right spot, I may lose the point on the way. – I don’t really understand why Devonthink can’t make the Take Note window scalable? Is there some deep technical reason, or did they just never think about it? For then we’d have the best of both worlds! The quickness of Curiota, and the direct link to Devonthink.

I can’t give you a reason for the decision, but yes that was something we considered.

Maybe it can still be done? Hope springs eternal… Thank you for taking the trouble to reply.

Your’e welcome and Never say never :slight_smile:

Development would have to comment on the specifics.

Thank you