How to mark files as "not a duplicate"


in my large database there were a couple files marked as duplicates, which actually aren’t. I do understand that DevonThink’s algorithm doesn’t only mark byte-for-byte files as duplicates but also very similar ones.

By adding some text to PDFs marked as duplicates, they are no longer shown in the “duplicates” smart group. Easy solution for documents.

However, I haven’t found a way to achieve the same for mp4 files. Question: Is there a way to tell DevonThink that media files should not be considered a duplicate?

Appreciate any suggestions.

Did you enable the stricter recognition of duplicates, see Preferences > General?

Problem solved in literally seconds :slight_smile: Thanks @cgrunenberg

Not strict comparing is very useful to me. Then, to avoid “false” positives I have a tag called .false_match and add to the rule “tag is not .false_match”.