How to mark RSS feed items as "Read" automatically [resolved]

I have a very basic question, but neither can get it to work nor do I find posts about this. There is this forum post, which I understand, but does not work for me. It seems almost like a bug, but it probably is me something overlooking something trivial.

Use case: I collect a number of RSS feeds into Devonthink. This works. The feed items are marked as unread when they enter Devonthink. I want to automatically mark them as read (I need them for search/reference only).

So that’s supposed to be easy, right? But whatever I have tried as matching criteria in the Smart Groups/Rules sections finds nothing (an empty list). Applying the same matching criteria to a standard folder with documents does what I expect.

So here’s what I tried: I apply the Smart Group / Rule to my RSS group as a location. Under this group I collect the RSS feeds. For matching criteria, I tried

  • Kind: any document, bookmark, feed, news, other
  • Marked: as unread (see screenshot)
  • All: matches *

None of those finds anything. How can I find RSS feed items?

OK, as I write this it occurred to me that I had excluded the RSS group from search :see_no_evil:. I’ll post my current Smart Rule anyway in case someone else does the same stupid thing and looks for help in this forum

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Thanks for the follow-up. :slight_smile: