How to merge two different databases

What is the best way to merge two different databases from two users to one database without the need to import all the files again.
I tried to do an export of one database and import it into the second database. However, the path of PDF files did change. DT now uses the path of the folder into which I exported the first database. Instead it should use the original path which is stored in DEVONtech_storage. For Word documents this does not seem to be a problem.



What happens if you export both databases and re-import them into a new database?

Unfortunately the location of all PDF documents are changed to the newly generated export folder. For all other documents I tried, the correct (original) location is given after re-import; only PDF does not work. This is strange because the DEVONtech_storage files contains the correct original path for the PDF. Is it a bug or a feature?

I use two computers, one at work, one at home. I have recently started using DT and add material to my databases at both locations. From time to time I would like to merge/sync the two because they cover the same topics and I would like access at either site.
It seems that this topic header covers a similar question but was not resolved, so I am adding my question here.
Is there a way to accomplish this? Buying a laptop and using just one machine has its appeal but too drastic a solution for now!
BTW, I am new to working with DT but have been following the DT forum for a while: I am so impressed with the knowledge and generosity of DT users.

Mmm. Could you buy an iPod and keep your database on it, and carry it to and fro?

Maybe the latter. Check your PDF & PS import preferences. Maybe they’re set to “import to database” or “to database folder”?