How to migrate database from DevonNote 1.x to DevonThink Pro


I started using DevonApps with DevonNote where I kept my private Database for years.
Later, I also purchased DevonThink Pro 1.x and used it for my research database (and continued using DevonNote in parallel).

I now installed DT Pro 2b and would like to stop using DevonNote and transfer the database to DT PRo, as I now can open several DT Databases at once.

That leads to my question:

How can I migrate my Devon Note 1.x database to DevonThink Pro 2?

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Select all of the contents of the DEVONnote database that you wish to export. Choose File > Export, and create a new folder to receive the exported content.

In DT Pro, choose File > Import > Files & Folders. Select ALL of the contents of the folder holding the exported DEVONnote files.

thanks, Bill.

I should have thought about that myself.

Hi Folks,

It seems to me that Devonnote and DTPO don’t work together - is this the case? Should I be able to take notes in DN and see them appear in DTPO?

Or should they work completely independently?

Awesome product - it does take a little getting ones head around… Thanks for your patience…

DEVONnote and DEVONthink work independently and do not share a database.

Thanks Jim, so the only way to assign Devonnotes to DTPO is to export them. So in essence we are saying that ‘Notes’ is a standalone app with no integration.

Yes, of course. DEVONnote is a “light” version of DEVONthink, and is an application in its own right. DEVONnote is limited to plain or rich text notes and bookmarks of Web pages. It lacks many of the features of the DEVONthink applications, but provides a familiar working environment to users of DEVONthink. Though less powerful than DEVONthink, users have reported writing books in DEVONnote.

I use both DEVONthink Pro Office and DEVONnote. One of the features of DEVONnote that I use for note taking is the floating window that can be set in the menubar, Window > Keep Windows in Front. When that’s checked, a DEVONnote window will “float” above any other window on the Mac.

I size a DEVONnote window to take about a quarter or less of the screen width of my MacBook Pro, and place it on the right of the screen. When I’m not using it, it is minimized to the Dock. But when I use it, for example, to make a note about something I’m reading under another application (including DEVONthink Pro Office documents) I bring it up from the Dock to copy/paste from the other app, or to make a summary or comment note. When finished, the DEVONnote window is minimized back to the Dock, out of the way but available at any time for note taking.

We recommend against having two versions of DEVONthink installed on a Mac, because that would cause confusion to OS X Services and scripts. But there’s no conflict of Services between a DEVONthink app and DEVONnote, so both can be installed.

Thanks Bill, your explanation helps me put DEVONnote in its place in the firmament, I really appreciate it.