How to move database to another hard drive

New to DTPO, but liking what I see so far. I have an iMac with SSD and HD (not Fusion, but 2 separate drives). My database is located on the SSD and I’d like to move it to the HD. I’ve trolled the forum, but many of the posts on this topic are quite old. Can someone point me to a relevant post or advise on the steps necessary to move the database.


Just move the database package (extension .dtBase2) to the desired destination while DEVONthink Pro Office isn’t running or the database is at least not opened. Afterwards open the moved database by double-clicking on it and update your favorites if necessary.

Christian - Many thanks. Very straightforward and worked well. Maybe this is something that could be added to an FAQ list or a tutorial. It is not covered well at all in the documentation.

Case closed.