How to move Focus to See Also + Classify in the quickest way


I often find myself in the situation that I’m editing a text or markdown file in the built-in editor, e.g. taking a quick note. Now when I’m done taking the note I want to Classify (=move) the file. Now also assume the “See also & Classify” inspector is already open. What is the quickest way to get the focus to the input window for this inspector?

I’m using Ctrl-S twice. The first closes the inspector, the second opens it again and then it has the focus. This feels quirky and also also visually irritating as the window layout switches back and forth.

Is there a better / faster way to just move the focus (with only the keyboard!)?

Ctrl-Tab might be an option, this shortcut supports e.g. the main view, preview pane, tagging bar and inspectors.

This is nice. Thanks. It takes one invocation if the tags bar is hidden and two if present.