How to move indexed item from tag into group without replicating

I have Indexed Markdown items tagged with ordinary Tag A, in various groups.
Trying to move all to indexed Group B (same database)

Everything I’ve tried (Drag and drop the file or the tag, Right click “move-to”, and exclude group from tagging) ends up creating a replicant, and when the file is moved to Group B, the filepath is not updated in finder, even after deleting the original item.

Moving files between indexed groups doesn’t replicate files without some kind of intervention, like a smart rule.

Do you have a smart rule set up to tag items ?

I do have some smart rules active, I don’t expect any of them would be related but I can try disabling them all.
To be clear, I’m talking about moving from a tag (selected in the sidebar) to an indexed group.

Step one:

Step two, dragging the top item from the window on the left to the window on the right:

The file path doesnt change. To get that file to actually move in the finder/file path, I now have to hunt for the original, and even when I find it, deleting it doesn’t change anything.

In the past when I faced a similar replicant problem, you recommended deleting the originals with a smart rule. I tried that here and it did not work. I also recently reported “move to trash” (from tag pane) not moving to trash, which cleared itself up. I’m just mentioning in case it is related.

Why are you dragging items from the tag group?
Those are replicants in the tag group.

Development would have to assess what you’re doing but I’d suggest you use the Tools > Filter > Tags to isolate files by tag instead.

Why? Because I want them to be in a different group. Is that not a common operation or use: organizing files by tag and then wanting to move them all, for example?

The filter view is not nearly as clean as the organized, nested hierarchy of tags (not shown in the screen shot), especially when dealing with ~100 tags.

As I said, tags groups contain replicants, not the files themselves. So if you’re attempting to move files, you are moving replicants. They will be replicants of the files already in the database.

Development would have to assess the behavior you’re describing.