How to move note to proper inbox

I frequently send notes to the (global) inbox of Devonthink. Manually i move them to the proper database (in my case always finances) and classify them afterwards.
Searched for a way to collect them in the inbox of my database finances directly. Have looked into smart rules and scripts on this forum but have found no solution. Probably overlooking something.
Can anyone help me out to automate my workflow?

You need to define the problem a bit more, e.g., what are notes and are you only filing into the finances database?

Apparently, it is always the same inbox

All my invoices and other stuff i print in pdf format and store them in devonthink. With Hazel i send them to the inbox . My problem is that when these pdf’s are coming in the global inbox i cannot classify them. When i move them to my inbox in my database finances first there is no problem.

You could set up a simple smart rule to accomplish this…

Select the Global Inbox in the Navigate sidebar, then click the plus (+) button at the bottom of the sidebar. Choose New Smart Rule and start with this example…

Obviously, you can (and potentially should) add other criteria to refine the matching, depending on if you’re adding unrelated PDFs to the Global Inbox

Thanks for the example. Works great. And you are right. Must refine criteria. One remark: in your example it says search in ’ Global inbox’ and in mine it is only inbox.

You’re welcome!

That’s just a difference in naming. Mine is specifically named Global Inbox.