How to open an existing DT document in a new tab?

Hi all.

For a while, I had two notes opened at the same time, in two different tabs. Very convenient. Don’t have a clue as to how I had done this!

I accidently closed one of the tabs.

Now I can’t, for the life of me, find a way to open another document in a new tab!!! I’ve spent many minutes trying to find this in the manual: no go.

I’ve right-clicked on the document’s name (in column No. 2, whatever you call it) but did not see the expected “Open in a new tab” option.

HELP!!! What do I have to do to have more than one tab???


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Go to the title of your document, right-click and choose New Tab

Then navigate to your second document.

Ha ha! Found a way! Clumsy, but it works:

1- in the one open document, there was a web link (url). When I right-clicked on that, it OFFERED TO OPEN IT IN A NEW TAB!!! Which I did.
2- In that new tab, I then clicked on the second document that I wanted to have opened and it did.
3- So I have my two documents opened at the same time, in two different tabs, so I can quickly flip from one to the other.

But what a circuitous route!!! There’s got to be a better way! What is it?


Sorry, rkaplan, but I don’t see “new tab” when I right-click on the name of the document! Look:

What am I doing wrong???

Try right-clicking the title which appears at the top of the Viewing pane - above the actual depicted document

There is also a plus sign at the right side of that title bar…click the plus sign (left click) and a new tab opens with no second click needed.

Sorry, I feel we’re not talking about the same program! Personnaly, I do not see a title “above the actual depicted document”. Look:

Yes, there is a plus sign, if there are already two (or more?) tabs open. Otherwise, there is no plus sign…

Sorry… I’ll read some more in the manual tonight. Thanks.

@M_ichel @rkaplan

The title bar is the grey bar under the list view and above the page view. There is a plus sign to the right. Only one tab is open. DT3.0.1.

The presence of the tab bar with one document depends on this setting…

Help > Documentation > Menus > Data > Open, Launch, Reveal, Send

Help > Documenation > Appendix > Contextual Menu Items > Item List


Thanks for jumping in, Jim. RTFM strikes again…:nerd_face: :grin:

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Hahaha! Not explicitly so. Just reminding people of the resource at hand for many questions.


After right-clicking, press the Option key and “Open” turns into “Open in Tabs”.

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Thanks RobH.