How to open an item link from a note to another window?

when I click on an item link (inside DT), is there a way to have the other note to be opened in a new window?

I’ve tried many combinations of shortcuts, and I was able to open the new note only or in place of the old one, or in a new tab.
Any way to have the linked note to open to a new window?

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One way is to double-click the link in the Document > Links inspector.

Count me as someone who would really (!) like a modifier key-click option for this. (Option-Command-click would be nice, I believe.) I have MarkDown notes files that contain dozens and sometimes scores of links, and identifying which link in the Links inspector corresponds to which embedded link in a note is… not easy.


Yes yes – I too am interested in this. I am exactly in @tharpold position. I create .md files, often bibliographies or lists, with my own link ‘PDF in DT’, and outgoing links to Obsidian where I do my notetaking. I could have many such links in any one file (the texts remains the same, but the destination address of the link obviously changes). For instance:

  • Anderson, Jon, Understanding Cultural Geography: Places and Traces (London, 2010) PDF in DT / Note in Obsidian

I have a little text expander snippet after I grab the link from DT:

[PDF in DT](XXlink from clipboard inserted hereXX)

This is clearly a design flaw on my part – at least because the Document > Links Inspector generates many instances of the same text (‘PDF in DT’ over and over again).

It’s not an issue if one .md opens another .md in place for me. But many of my item links are to PDFs, or Word docs, and I’d love it if those could be opened in another window (since the ‘viewing window’ as I use them often don’t accommodate PDFs well). It would be ideal too – from an item link, to have the option to open the linked-to file either in its own DT editor window (e.g. PDFs) OR in the default MacOS app for that file format – all PDFs in Preview, docx in Word.

I suppose that really what I’m asking for is the same or similar behaviour clicking an item link as clicking on a file directly. I get that links are different types of ‘objects’ than files and for all I know there are technical limitations, but in my mind, the link stands in for the file.

Control-click > Open Link in DEVONthink 3 on an item link will open it in a document window.

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It’s a nice workaround, thank you.

Though, as @tharpold says (and I’m on the same boat), when you have lots of links this strategy may generate lot of friction.

Hi Jim,

That only works when you’re in Preview mode. When you’re in edit mode the only option is ‘Open Link’, which of course opens the document in the same window and forces you to resave if necessary. Then you have to navigate back to the original.

This is useful if you’re using the link like a web link to navigate through a maze, but less so if you simply want to refer to the contents, before getting back to the main document.

And it doesn’t work for links in YAML or markdown headers, because they don’t appear in Preview mode or the Links pane at all, so there’s no way for such links to be opened in situ in a new tab or window.

In any case, opening in a different tab is better than replacing the current window, but most of the time I want the new document in its own window, not in a tab.

I suppose this a polite request for each right-click on a link to offer:

  • open link
  • open link in new tab
  • open link in new window

irrespective of the mode the document is in, Edit, Preview or in the Links pane.

Only a minor convenience enhancement, of course, on top of all the other things people want you to do, but perhaps if could be considered at some point?

Many thanks,


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The request is noted. Development will have to assess it. And thanks for asking nicely :slight_smile:


It’s currently only possible in case of rich text documents, the next release will support this also for plain text & Markdown documents.


Just noticed this—thanks very much!