How to open PDF documents with with one click?

Hello all

I don’t like the build in PDF viewer of DT so much, because I’m not familiar with it and I think it’s more complicate to handle.

How can I manage DT that it is opening all PDF files with the by default. So I don’t have to “right click and open with” …

Thanks in advance.


DEVONthink uses Apple’s PDFKit (as does Preview) to display PDFs.

If the “Open Externally” icon isn’t currently in your Toolbar, add it by customizing the Toolbar.

Now you may select a PDF and open it in Preview by clicking on the “Open Externally” icon in the Toolbar.

ok, thank you for that hint.

Would be nice if one could choose the default PDF-viewer …

Otherwise this product is great …

You can also use the keyboard shortcut shift-command-o to open a document externally.

Thanks KP, even better!