How to "Paste" an URl in a sheet

Just moving from EverNote to DT. When doing research, I summarize an article and include the URL in case I need to refer back to the source.

How do I add an URL that will link back to the original article? I don’t want the entire article in my note.

Thanks for your help

Welcome @MKT

Just add a column with a data type of URL.

Command-click the link to activate it.

I’m still hazy on the correct terminology in DT. Your example looks like a table. I want to paste the URL at the start of a sheet with a text summary of the article.


I think I just stumbled onto something like a blind squirrel. If I paste the URL, which pastes as text, I can then select the URL, right click and select Make Link.

The webpage then shows up in the rightmost column (I’m using widescreen). I guess the webpage is now in my database. I would prefer to just go to the webpage in Safari if possible rather than save the webpage.

Am I misinterpreting what is going on?

Thanks again!

Finally got it. If I paste the URL, it appears as text. But if I right click anywhere on the link, I have the option to Open URL. I was expecting the URL to appear and work like one in an email. I stopping on a winning note.

Thank you and good night.

at the start of a sheet

What I showed you is a Sheet in table view.