How to paste column into sheet?

I am importing some variable definitions into DevonThink from SPSS.
I created a sheet and selected a column in SPSS to paste into the sheet.
However, paste is ghosted in the sheet.

Is it possible to paste a column at a time into a new sheet?

A better approach would be either to:

[1] Create a tab-delimited (TSV) or comma-delimited (CSV) text file corresponding to the columns and rows of your sheet, and import it to DT Pro via File > Import > Files & Folders. OR

[2] Select Data > New > Sheet. Set up columns and rows (rows = records). Enter your data into either the sheet or the records. Add new records as necessary.

Column headers can be edited. Data > Sheets > Edit columns.

I solved this problem by copying the data into excel first and then exporting a tab delimited file.
However, it would be nice if it were possible to enter data into sheets by cutting and pasting

Some programs just don’t like exporting files!