How to Place the Caret at the bottom of a Markdown file ready for editing?

I’ve customised the Daily Journal template, and have created a Keyboard Maestro action that will switch to the database, open today’s note in a new Markdown side-by-side window for editing.

The one annoyance is that while the new window gets focus, the caret/insertion point is at the top of the text.

Can somebody suggest a way to add to my script (or provide another means) that will move the insertion point to the end of the document beneath the latest timestamp, ready for text entry?

The insertion point of plain text isn’t available via scripting in DEVONthink.
However, Command-down arrow goes to page end easily enough.

Thank you! That will be easy enough to add to the script. Much appreciated.

Via what… UI scripting?
If so, UI scripting is fiddly and fragile. We wouldn’t advocate it.
Or perhaps you’re using something in a KM macro?

Keyboard Maestro sends keystrokes to any app easily and comfortable. I am a heavy user of KM and DT to optimize my workflows.

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Yep, all working now through KM.

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@canion Share the script?

I am sure there is a more elegant solution, but this is working for me.

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Nice, I use a similar workflow.