How to prepare reading list items in DevonThink to be annotated in DTTG, by converting RTF to PDF


In order not to sit at my computer all day, I have taken the habit of annotating items in my reading list on DTTG latest version on my iPad.

The problem, if I understand correctly, is that I cannot annotate RTF items in DTTG.

Am I correct that I cannot annotate RTF items in DTTG ?

I would like to create a smart rule whereby

  • RTF items in my reading list would automatically be converted to PDF (is this a good idea to workaround the impossibility of annotating RTFs in DTTG?)
  • the newly created PDF is added to my reading list
  • a the original RTF is removed from the reading list and deleted to avoid duplications.

thanks in advance for your time and help

What kind of annotation actually? The generic one in the Info inspector or document-specific ones like PDF annotations?

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95% of what I call annotations are simply highlighting RTF text in yellow in DDTG, using the apple pencil.
I am not referring to editing the RTF which I can do in DTTG
thank you Christian

See my reply on your other post :slight_smile: