How to print highlighted PDFs

Dear all,
hopefully this is the right forum for my question. I really like the highlight function in DTP. But I couldn’t figure out so far if it is possible to print a PDF and print also the highlighted text passages. My test PDFs didn’t do so. The highlighted passages were all blank again.
I have looked for an answer in forum database and the manual, maybe I’m blind. :wink:
Is there’s a solution?

Thanks for your help

I assume you mean “print the PDF on a printer and have the highlights appear on the printed page”?

There are two stages to the answer.

First, does DTP send a highlighted PDF to the OS X print daemon so that the highlights show in the preview box? Yes - it does. Try again with some other document. At this stage, the PDF is outside DTP’s control.

Second, does the OS X print daemon send the highlighted text to your printer. It depends - on your configuration, printer, etc. There are lots of variables in the second stage - can you print highlighted PDFs from Skim, or Preview or Acrobat? Does your printer support shaded text?

Thanks for your fast reply.

I have checked DTP and my printer settings, due to your comments in the post. It seems to be a printer issue. I didn’t expect that. I thought I had to tick a box somewhere in DTP.

However, now I know where to focus on – or maybe I should buy a new printer. :smiley:

Thanks again,