How to reference a bookmark from inside a markdown text file?

This is how my DT looks for now.

I’m a new user evlauating the trial version.

i created a bookmark and also a markdown in the same Data > Group.

How do I reference it?

E.g. by dropping the bookmark into the Markdown document while holding the Cmd-Alt modifier keys. Or via the Insert Item Link submenu of the contextual menu of the Markdown view.

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Welcome @kimsia

Also, see Documents > Document Linking in the built-in Help and manual

Thank you @BLUEFROG and @cgrunenberg

I am closing this.

I chose the copy Item Link option

Sorry @BLUEFROG and/or @cgrunenberg

How do I mark this forum thread as solved?

I cannot seem to edit my original comment or title any more

Threads on the forum remain open so don’t worry about closing it :slight_smile:

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