How to reference relative link in markdown?

I want to do something similar to what @BLUEFROG mentioned.

I would prefer to keep things within subgroups to keep files closer together. How do I reference an image (should it be a relative link?) so that when I open the markdown document in an external editor on Mac, that it will show the image from the subgroup img? Would the same approach work for DT3 and DTTG?

I tried this in DT3 and it didn’t work.


This is meant for use in DEVONthink.
This will not work with external editors unless you are indexing the files or you export the group to the Finder for use with them.

The groups in DEVONthink don’t exist so there’s no way for external editors to resolve the links, relative or absolute.

And no, item links will not work as they are URL schemes, i.e., they essentially need to be “run”, not just accessed.

Thanks for the clarification.

Within DEVONthink, how do I reference the image so that the preview will display properly?

  • my%20Image.png links to a file in the group the Markdown document is in

  • img/my%20Image.png links to a file in a subgroup of the group the Markdown document is in

  • /myImages/img/my%20Image.png links to a file in a group in the database, starting at / as the root of the database

  • x-devonthink-item://5CA97F99-E075-49B7-BB3E-3F1F9192A070 can be used to link to a file in any open database

As noted in the Help > Documentation > Documents > Markdown Documents

I figured out what I was doing. I’m not sure if it’s intended behavior or a bug. I had unchecked Preferences > Web > Display images when the page opens. If I don’t restart, then it doesn’t pick up the change. I had to restart DT for the change to take affect. However since this is a local Markdown file, then should the Web setting affect this as well? Thanks.

Development would have to assess if that’s intended behavior, though logically it would be since you’re rendering web content.

It is currently intended (e.g. Markdown documents can reference online resources too).

Thanks for the info