How to relocate database into folder

My first couple of databases are just sitting in their default locations:

I am starting to use multiple databases freely, and want to keep them in a common folder. How to I relocate my existing ones there so DT finds/opens them as before, and how do I make that new folder the default location for new ones?


Close all open databases, locate them in the Finder where you want them, and then open them again with File>Open database. I’m not sure that there is a way to set the default folder for new databases-I believe you will need to navigate to your databases folder.

  1. First, Quit DT Pro — NEVER move an open database, as information could be lost.

  2. Create a folder into which you will move your databases, and move them into it.

  3. Launch DT Pro. Choose FIle > Open Recent and choose the ‘Clear Menu’ option to remove the previous selections in that list.

  4. Open your databases using File > Open Database, or by double-clicking in the Finder. This will update the File > Open Recent list.

When you create a new database, choose the folder you created to hold your databases as the destination.