How to remove a PDF link? [solved]

While exploring the vast functionality of DPTO, I’ve selected some text in a searchable PDF and created a link to another item in my DT database. My goal was actually the opposite: creating a link from a note in DT to a page in a PDF, i.e. a bookmark (I’ve figured out how to do that now).

Is there a way to remove such links from the PDF again? I’m assuming they are some sort of special PDF annotation, but I can’t find any way to clear such links again and Undo was greyed out.

If you activate the link tool (click it), then the links on the page will be visible with a guilloche indicating where they are. For the one you want to delete, control-click it or right-click it, and choose “Delete Annotation” from the contextual menu.

Ahaaaa! - Thank you!

There are some quirks with this. Yes, you need to select either Edit => PDF Document => Link, or Edit => PDF Document => Annotation Selection. But…

Control- or right-clicking does not work reliably when the link is associated with more than one word, because the click picks a single word and then “Delete Annotation” does not appear in the contextual pop-up menu. The workaround I found is to drag the “guilloche’d area” around a bit, at which point it’s selected and show drag-handles. Then you can control- or right-click and the Delete Annotation menu item appears, and the annotation can then be deleted.

Phew. With a big tip-o’-the-hat to you for your help.

This is only required when viewing the PDF in the main window or viewing a PDF in its own window with the Toolbar hidden. When the Toolbar is visible in a separate window for the PDF, Annotation tools are available without the need for menus.