How to remove a tag from 500+ notes?


Using Evernote, I could select a bunch of notes, see the tags they had in common, and delete one or more from the list.

I just wanted to do the same using DT3. I made a Smart Group showing all notes having the tag A and B, and I want to remove B.

Apparently this is not possible, as tags in common or not shown, until all notes have list of identical tags…

Weird omission.

Any known workarounds?

I could see a workaround using a script (but I’m not a developer, hence the call for help ;-).
A script (or Smart Rule) asking for the tag to remove, and it gets applied to the selected notes…

You can set up a smart rule for Kind is Tag, Name is B with an action, to be performed On Demand, Move to Trash. Note that deletes only the tag (which is what you want) and not the tagged item.


Are you trying to remove the tag from the database or just from the files, leaving the tag intact?

Other notes have the tag as well, so I only want to remove the tag from the selected notes.

Found a solution using a Smart Rule (it has the Remove Tag option).

Note this is also possible to do with a Tools > Batch Process operation.

Ah. Good to know.

No problem.