How to remove index from PDF files?

Hi there

I got some scanned in handwritten picture postcards as PDF files from a friend, some of them are indexed (PDF+Text) … however the text mostly just contains nonsense so that the index is filled with things I don’t need/ want.

Is there a way to just remove the Text layer of the PDF files within DT Pro? If not is there any way to do so in Finder or such?

Thank you.

Open the document in Preview. Choose File > Save As…. You will need to hold the Option key while the File menu is displayed in order to change Save to Save As… Save the document as an image (TIFF or PNG) to the Desktop or some location, and then import it back to DEVONthink.

The quality might degrade.

Preview is a free. If you have Acrobat, you will have more options for quality control and the file type for the saved file.