How to remove selected automatic wikilinks

Newbie again …

I imported 2K+ notes from Scrivener, hoping to create contextual links between notes. Of course I expected that I would have to edit those wikilinks as I worked.

The problem comes from the fact that wikilinks go to words in the file names. I did not name my Scrivener files with this in mind. I may be fairly accused, in fact, of using poor file names at times. Therefore, all sorts of wikilinks have been created to words that have no use.

I will rename files as I use them, but I would also like to be able to deactivate unnecessary links. For example, here’s a link that has no real use for me:

Screen Shot 2021-10-02 at 6.42.07 PM

I would like to deactivate this link but don’t see how to do so.

Thank you

From help:

Wiki Linking: When enabled on any item, it will not be detected by automatic WikiLinking, neither by name or alias.

Menu Tools > Inspector > Info:

Thank you, that makes sense and I can see how it works. I will try it out and see how well it will address the total situation.

Might be easier to disable automatic WikiLinking in preferences.

In what way?

I’m writing an academic book with a projected audience of dozens and dozens of readers.

Scrivener seems to be the best writing environment for me. But I’ve amassed north of 2500 research files / notes for this project. I might be in better shape If I’d had a coherent system of titling files and perhaps a basic template for the body of the note. The text of most notes is unfocused, as they became sprawling records of associations rather than records of single or tightly grouped ideas. I’d assumed that creating well-named folders — lots and lots of them — plus using search parameters would help me find what I wanted. Well, not so much.

To answer your question … I’d like to find a good enough way, given the circumstances, to link notes contextually by the most central topics and sub-topics. I most want to be able to discover notes written long ago that have relevance for whatever I’m working on at the moment.

DT’s several forms of linking capacities might serve as a makeshift thread for a makeshift web of info. File names seem to be the nodal points of whatever web I’ll be able to create. Perhaps the thing to do will be to create well-considered keywords to use in the titles of as many notes as I can stand to rename.

I’ve started to look through Kourosh Dini’s Smart Notes with DT. I’m more than glad to hear suggestions, corrections, etc. on how to proceed.

This sounds like the Tools > See Also & Classify inspector could be helpful here. It will detect and suggest notes that appear to be related based on their content.

Thanks very much, that does look useful. Appreciate all your suggestions.

You’re very welcome :slight_smile: