How to replicate Automator OCR workflow in DT3

Hello. I just upgraded to DEVONthink 3 Pro and I’m trying to replicate my main DT2 workflow.

In DT2, I have this simple Automator workflow for OCRing PDFs and exporting them to my Finder, and I use my Macbook Pro’s Touch Bar for a very convenient one-step OCR.

I have seen that there’s no Automator scripts in DT3. I’m trying to replicate this using Hazel or Keyboard Maestro but I can’t figure it out and I’m not very savvy with Applescript.

Is there any way I could replicate my DT2 OCR workflow in DT3?

Thanks in advance.


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Welcome! The following should come close to what you want to accomplish.

Set a smart rule in DT3 as follows:

(You may want to specify a “search in” location that will be used only for OCRing, as this rule will operate on every non-OCRd PDF in the specified location.)

The Embedded Applescript is as shown here, and assumes that “Escritorio” is at the top level of your home folder…if not, use the complete path, for example ~/Documents/Escritorio/

FInally, create a Keyboard Maestro action like this, and select a trigger of your choice:


Oh, thank you so, so much. It works perfectly.
For the last step, instead of using Keyboard Maestro, I made a simple Automator workflow that imports the file into DT3, and set the Smart Rule to run On Import. So I have completely replicated my previous workflow, including the Touch Bar button.
Again, thank you so much.

Glad I could help.

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