How to reset the the list view font?

The default list view font in DT Personal is “System Font Regular 11”. I changed it. How can I change it back? Thanks.

Two ways I can think of…

  1. Delete your preferences.

  2. Open the preferences plist in an XML editor. It defaults to Xcode (presuming that it’s installed). Not sure what you’ll get if it isn’t. The intent being to open it in an editor that allows you to see each ‘key’ and its value. I guess you could edit it in any text editor but it’s easier to break something that way.

Search for the font name in the doc. One of the keys is ListFontName. There are several font entries however, and they may have the same value so pick the right one. If there’s confusion, change the font to something unique and easy to find in the DT preferences.

Highlight the row. When it is highlighted, a + and - button should appear to the right of the key name (but in the same column). Click on the - and the row should be deleted. You can also just hit the delete key. Save and close.

N.B. It seems that in recent versions of OSX, the preferences are cached in some manner. So if you quit DT and relaunch it immediately, it will pull the cached version and you’ll see your unwanted font choice again. While I believe that if you leave the app closed long enough (but who knows for how long), the caching will expire and you’ll get what you want, you can force it by logging out/in or rebooting.

Hope this helps. If it buggers your system, you’re on your own.


There is an easier way, at least with DEVONthink Pro (Office). I don’t know if this works with DEVONthink Personal, but I expect that it does. As you know, when the General Preference pane is visible, the List and Column view options each have a button labeled ‘Select…’ to change the font. If you hold down the Option key, ‘Select…’ changes to ‘Reset’, and clicking ‘Reset’ will restore the default font of System Font Regular 11.