How to Resize the group pane icons


I use DEVONthink Pro and my prefered display style is the side by side one (option no. 4).

I would like to resize the group icons within the left window frame that allows you to work your way through the DB tree but could not find a way to do that yet.

Since I use images for the category folders within that left frame the small default size renders the images for the icons pretty much useless because I can’t really see the difference between my chosen icon images at that small size.

Does anybody know how to change the size of the left frame’s icons?


Short answer is, you can’t. :frowning:

See this discussion:

I use icons and then use the colored labels to make it easier to tell them apart.

You might want to leave some feedback. I’d also like to see icons a little bit bigger, but not too big.


Well that’s bad news, but thanks for the advise of sending them some feedback.
I did so right away. Now let’s see whether they listen to the customer. :wink:

How large would you like those group icons to be? Would you also wish the icons of documents to be as large, or should documents retain their present size in the left-hand list?

In the Vertical Split view, which is the one you are using, click on any group icon in the left column. The right pane will then display the icons of contained groups or documents, and there’s a slider to vary the size of the icons. Even the smallest icons in this pane are larger than those in the left column. Question: would even the largest group icon selectable by the slider adequately display the images you assign to groups? Some intermediate size?

Note that there’s also an Icon view, also with a sliding range of icon sizes. I often use that view for groups that contain photos or other graphics.

And remember that you can set preferences to open a group as a new view. So you can use that approach to display the contents of a group as resizable icons.

The developers are responsive to user requests. One of the problems is simply screen real estate, especially in large databases. I recently received a message from a user who has 2,400 groups in the top level of his database. A great many users have hundreds of groups, nesting down 4 or 5 levels, sometimes more. While the left column of the Vertical Split view is resizable to accommodate nesting and group names, larger group icons would take up more space vertically and horizontally.

There will be UI changes in DEVONthink 2.

With hundreds of groups and tens of thousands of documents in my main database I’ll never bother to add custom images to my groups. Still more the case when smart groups and some other new things show up.

But it would be fun to have an attractive front end to the database. We’ll see what happens.

At the moment my database opens with a picture of my log cabin and my dogs in the current version of DT Pro Office. Behind that, there are 10 view and document windows reflecting my current projects.

The group icons should be independently resizable due to the fact that each frame should have its own customized view.

In my opinion it would be enough to scale the group icons up to 40% of the group content icons - otherwise it would really conflict with the size of the left frame and render the new function unusable. For me this seems to be the best compromise between size and usability.

BTW. thanks for the quick response - I’m really looking forward to seeing some changes. :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Greets JC