How to restore a dtBase2 file into proper database

Today after several times and ways trying to install the ABBYY software after upgrading from Pro to Office I deleted all (really all…) my Devonthink files on my Mac. I keep all my databases in my dropbox folder on my computer. So I thought I was save to delete all the Devonthink files, (except my Dropbox folder off course). It seems I was to thorough. After reinstalling Devonthink Pro Office I still wasn’t able to install ABBYY… It got even worse. The database from the dtBase2 file can bee seen by Office but there’s no data in the databases. If I do a verify and repair almost all the files come back into it, but without the group structure I had before.

So how can I get my database structure back from a *.dtBase2 file? Before I deleted the thorough way (manual deleting all de devonthink related files from libraries etc. I made a backup from within Devonthink, but I don’t know if the files still exist.

I hope you have an answer because I’m relying heavily on my Devonthink databases. BTW is there a safer way to backup then Dropbox and backup from within Devonthink. I do backup with Arq my Dropbox files and documents, but not the application files because I thought the dtBase2 files were enough to backup.