How to restore database - new database is read-only

I tried to move my devonthink3 databases from my old macbook to my new one. I copied the ~/Databases folder to the new macbook. I noted that the files are all writable by my admin user on both machines.

However, upon opening the two databases on the new macbook, they are both read-only.

I then exported the databases to archive-zip files and moved those to the new macbook, but I cannot find a menu item for restoring from a achrive-zip file.

I have searched the forums and the web and the manual and have not found a solution other than to “open a support ticket.” If I have a database working on one machine, I am confused why there isn’t a simply method of backing up and restoring the dabase.

Any help would be appreciated.

thank you,


So, I unzipped the archived file and found that it contains an unencrypted tree/folders of the original encrypted database.

So, with my unencrypted database, can I create a new encrypted database from the non-encrypted one?

is there a way to save the zip archive of an encrypted database as an encrypted zip file directly, or do I need to encrypt it myself.?

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The database archive creates a ZIP of the underlying database, not the encrypted disk.

With the encrypted databases you moved to the new machine, did you explicitly add the user to the permissions for the database?