How to retain line breaks in quotes using markdown?

I’ve been suffering for a while, unable to get the result I’m after, and after failing on my own I figured I’d ask. When I’m writing lyrics for music or poetry or other such stuff, I need control over the line breaks, and I’m having trouble achieving that with markdown.

I thought using block quotes would do it, figuring a block quote would respect my formatting, but it doesn’t. If I begin a block quote with ‘>’ and then use a line break between lines, DT will not treat the second line as part of the block quote. I thought maybe if I prefixed the second line with a ‘>’ as well it would, but that’s actually worse: it ignores the line break entirely and appends the second line to the first.

Perhaps I’m confused here, but I expected block quotes to respect my formatting choices, seeing as they’re a quote. Can anyone guide me to some options? Thanks!

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Please post a screen capture of what you’re expecting to see, perhaps mocked up in a rich text file. Thanks

The way I deal with that is to ensure there are two spaces at the end of each relevant line. For me that also works if I add the block quote symbol at the start of each line.


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If you want each line to end just here
Ensure you add two spaces - clear?

It looks like this I must explain <space><space>
I hope that that has made it plain!

Edit: Apologies for appearing, presumptuously, to reply to Bluefrog. That was not intended!



I had no idea…and this fixed an issue I have with multi-paragraph block quotes in MD. Thank you!

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I’m sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. I’ve been in the middle of selling a house and moving, so this had to wait. I’m attaching a screenshot produced in DEVONthink on macOS to illustrate what I’m talking about.

Well, the problem can be remedied by adding two spaces to the end of the lines to indicate the required break. As has been mentioned before.
This is probably a MD feature, and the question arose before:

See also this post which indicates that the two spaces at the end of the line will not be necessary once the next DT version is released.