How to Reverse the Page Order of an PDF File?

Good Morning.

Is there a way to reverse the page order of an PDF document?

I’ve been sent a scanned 150-page PDF document, but in reverse page order. The sender has, in the meanwhile, shreddered the original document.

Thanks in advance for your support!

Kind regards, Friedrich

I don’t know if it is possible in DEVONthink or not, but I doubt it. I’m also pretty certain that Preview still does not have the ability to reverse pages in a document. It is easily accomplished in PDF Expert if you have access to that.

If you don’t have PDF Expert and the if your document is not confidential, drop me a PM as I’d be happy to convert it for you.

Thanks. But, unfortunately, I am a lawyer. Therefore, the document is indeed confidential.

I think I’ll choose the analogous method and print the file on paper. The printer’s driver offers output in reverse order. Than I will scan the document. And, finally, I will as well shredder this document again.


It looks like there is a trial version of PDF Expert available at I don’t know what limitations there are in the trial, but it might be worth a look to see if reversing page order is enabled. It’s a nice app-I expect an attorney could find much to like about PDF Expert. I use it on macOS and iOS.

Instead of actually printing in reverse order, can’t you print (in reverse order) to PDF?

No, for some reason that does not work. When you have the print options page and preview open, most of the option that you make are immediately reflected in the preview pane (black & white vs. color, landscape vs. portrait, etc.). These changes will also be reflected in a saved PDF. For whatever reason, toggling the print order does not change the preview, nor does it change the order in a saved PDF.