How to revise a smart rules with DEVONthink to Go for iOS

I really like the approach that’s used here. Is there a way to alter this set up so that that one can:

  • Use one of three labels with a flag (instead of just using one label, per the original set up up in this article) and

  • …set up smart rule so that it can also group (or in some way show) the files under the Top Group (i.e., the top parent group) under which the files are stored;

A bit more background… I use the labels to triage articles that are esp. important (e.g., red = Urgent ; orange = High ; yellow = medium). I also group my articles and document in subject specific parent groups (e.g, Ostrich , Eagles , Hummingbirds).

The importance of my work on these topics fluctuates, and so I thought I could apply a flag to my subgroups for Articles & Documents, under my parent group Eagles, and then revise a smart rule so that my Articles & Documents would be replicated – but that these replicated folder would show that they fall under the parent group Eagles.

Happy to further explain, and to create dummy example / screenshots if that’s helpful.

Thanks !

Any joy?

Any ideas, suggestion or thoughts about this at all?


A completely different approach might be to number each group to create a hierarchy that allows you to understand what the top level represents. You could tag all groups (and perhaps the items within them) under 1 with ‘Ostrich’ and those under 2 with ‘Eagle’ to check what top level you’re reviewing if you’re unsure about the number.

  1. Ostrich
    1.1 Habitat
    1.1.1 North
    1.1.2 West
    1.2 Behavior
    1.3 Photos

  2. Eagle
    2.1 Habitat
    2.1.1 North
    2.1.2 West
    2.2 Behavior
    2.3 Photos