How to search content of (some) .eml files

Hi All, I know email attachments aren’t indexed. But a minute ago I realized there are some emails I’m not able to search for specific content. Maybe it depends on HTML inside or not, not sure.

Is there any specific documentation available what is searchable when importing .eml files?

Example: I receive an email from Apple after iTunes purchases and want a smart group looking for those emails, containing iCloud Storage or iTunes Movie - not able to find any of these emails because search is not able to detect. See attached snapshot, if I do a global search for “Annihilation” nothing will be found.

While not finding a receipt for a movie isn’t a big issue, maybe, not to find other emails (e. g. business relevant) based on content may not so nice - do I something wrong? or is this something I’ve should ask for “request for enhancement” or any other hint how to archive and find emails (by content)?

Thanks a lot.

Which version/edition do you use? Attachments of emails are indexed since version 3.0.

ah, good to know regarding attachments - I‘m using V3.0.1 Pro.
Any addtl‘ hint regarding the email itself (the email body)?
Thank you in advance.

The content should be always searchable as long as the email isn’t encrypted. Are you able to convert the email to plain or rich text? Does the conversion include the full text of the email?

after converting to RTF-Text I’m able to search and find the document (the RTF file) when I search for “Annihilation”.

One thing: I’m using “best alternative” to view that email - doing so, I’m not able to copy the string “Annihilation” into the clipboard. After pressing CMD+C I can hear a beep tone. When I switch to “text alternativ” I’m able to copy & paste the string - but not able to find the email (now, the RTF is found but not the .eml).

Could you please send a zipped copy of such an email to cgrunenberg - at - Then I could check this over here. Thanks.


Hi, while it seems this have been fixed (I run 3.0.3) - new imported emails from Apple are searchable - I’m still not able to find older emails (thread start message) - is there a need to re-index or re-import those emails to get them indexed?

What do you mean by re-index?

And a File > Rebuild Database - after making sure your backups are current - could be helpful here.

something like the service URLs available on the iOS version (e. g. reindex metadata).
The issue here is: what happens if an earlier version of DT did not index* a file due to compatibility issues and after fixing that problem how to get those files indexed*?

My ticket was about certain HTML email files from Apple, DT was not able to index* - should be fixed in DT 3.0.2 - but I’m still not able to search for the content of those files - newly imported emails are searchable, the older ones still not.

*index doesn’t mean File->index, I’m talking about scanning the content of files (indexing) to make them searchable

As I said, the database Rebuild should resolve this.

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yes, did fix it - thank you - Kind Regards & Happy New Year! Klaus

You’re welcome.
A safe and Happy New Year to you and yours as well! :slight_smile: