How to search for a label colour

Using 2.5 (16231).

In DevonThink Office Pro for some items I have set the Label to the blue colour (Important).

Once synchronised I see when looking at info on DTTG for those items that the label is blue.

But I do not know what search criteria to enter if I want to search for all items with a Label set to blue.

Is this possible?

You can’t search for a Label color, but you can add a Labeled Favorite to the Home screen of DTTG2. This sorts by label color.

Thank you for the information

Was sort by label color intentionally changed for DTTG3?
I’m not seeing that option. I have to choose Date, URL, Rating, Size, Type or Name.
By label would be helpful, especially in the Labeled group.

Hmm, it wasn’t intentionally changed. More like unintentionally dropped under the table when we moved all smart groups to a completely new sorting mechanism. Noted as a regression.

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Fixed for 3.2.3.

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