How to search for linked RSS article contents?

I have created a search set with a single RSS feed set to crawl mode

I want to search the contents of the articles present on that feed.

Example: contains the term “postgres” multiple times.

However if I search for postgres, that article doesn’t come up. It appears that DA only searches the RSS preview content, rather than the page content itself.

I have also tried setting “follow links” to no avail.

How can I set up a search set that will crawl all of the links in an RSS feed, and search the contents?

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After enabling following of links (one level) this should work as desired.

That’s what I thought, but it doesn’t, which is why I’m posting here. Here’s the search set:

Blog (882 Bytes)

Thank you! Currently following of links is only applied to matching pages in case of feeds, the next release will improve this.

Great to hear! I think it would be useful to get similar behavior with a sitemap.xml or sitemap.txt as well.