How to search for the actual URL of links?

Hey there,
I recently moved from Evernote to DT3.
Most links between documents were correctly converted from Evernote links to DT links. However, sometimes I used “native” evernote://-type links (vs “web”, and these have not been converted to DT links.

I’d like to search all my documents which contain links starting with evernote:// so that I can manually change them.

E.g. the URL target of that text link:
Note that this result is displayed only because the text itself contains “evernote”, not because of the actual URL.


However I can’t find a way to search for actual URLs of links.
Searching on the URL field is not what I want — I need the URL of links created within document contents.

Any way to do that?

Searching for such links isn’t possible. One workaround might be to use a simple AppleScript:

tell application id "DNtp"
	repeat with theRecord in (selection as list)
		set theSource to source of theRecord
		if theSource contains "evernote://" then
			log message (name of theRecord) as string info "Evernote links found."
		end if
	end repeat
end tell
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Oh nice, this could work, thanks.
Just to be sure: selection here means that it won’t work on root folder (at least it didn’t in my tests) — I have to select all the individual records before running this script, e.g. by expanding all subfolders and Select All? Any tip to make a selection of all files easier?

You could use a smart group “Kind is Any Document” or a toolbar search “kind:any” (without quotes).

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