How to search KeyWords and Tags

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i hope you can help me. I have a database where some keywords are used a lot in different groups. Furthermore some of these documents have a special tag. I now try to find the documents with the specified keyword wich have this tag too!
What happens:
a) i search for this tag and devon think brings me up all documents with this tag. Fine
b) i search for the keyword/keywords and DTPO shows all the documents with these keywords. Fine too.
I know want to narrow this search with these keywords AND this tag. Now the search shows no hits.
Whats wrong?

That’s right.
If you want to narrow your search to keywords AND tag go to the “Advanced”-button in lower left of the search window and filter for “tag” “is” and then type your keywords in the search field. Or filter for both in the criteria and the search displays the result just like a smart group would. (If you hit + to the right of the search field you could directly save this search as a smart group.)

There was a good discussion about this here: [url]Tags should be equal citizens when searching!]

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Thanks. That helps much. I would like to have it easier, but it works. I can’t use a smart group. There are too much combinations of searches. But DTs own search Window can be used to Navigate and to read in the same way. So i now use a second DT Window for my searches.
The article is very interesting and describes in a wonderful way how different we all use this great tool.
Thanks for your help.