How to search specific content


Can DEVONagent Pro search a specific word/number on a site that hides that word by a java script ?

I have a real-estate site that I want to search.
On that site, if you want to see the name or phone number, you need to click a link to reveal that data.

Can I tell DEVONagent to search inside clicked scripts or similar ?

Here is the code:

<tr> <td width="60" valign="top" style="">Phone:</td> <td valign="top" id="toShowPhone"> To see the number <a onclick="showPhoneCaptcha(76690739);" style="cursor: pointer; font-weight: bold; color: #330099;text-decoration: underline;">Click Here</a> </td> </tr>

DEVONagent Pro should be able to find this. You could check this by opening the webpage in its browser and switching to the text view. Is the word included?

Ok, but how do I create the proper search ?

Should I make a ‘Set’ or use a ‘plugin’ ?

I’m a bit confused.


Both a search set and a plug-in are possible. But the easiest solution is to create a new search set (see Windows > Search Sets), add the site to the “Sites” tab and to switch the mode to “Search” via the pop-up menu.